Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior

Quantic Dream
Release Dates
Feb 13 2024
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Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior is an action video game developed by Sand Door Studio and published by Quantic Dream.


After half a millennium of peace, a new danger hangs over Antala. Its fate depends on you, Ime, Lysfanga of the New Kingdom, protector of the realm. The ancient cities, previously locked in time, are now free again, and an old evil has escaped, threatening the peace.

But you won’t be alone. Gifted with temporal powers from the Goddess of Time herself, something no other Lysfanga has had before, you have the ability to rewind time in combat to summon clones of your past-selves to help you. Master your power to become legion, and crush hordes of the escaped demons, known as the Raxes.

With your army of past-selves, progress through the ancient cities to extend your arsenal of weapons and learn new spells, preparing for the much greater threat ahead…

Key Features

  • Muster an Army of Yourself – Use Ime’s godlike powers to rewind time a few seconds in the past and summon clones of yourself – remnants – to create an army and overpower your enemies.
  • Push Your Limits – Challenge your skills and your wits to outdo yourself. Master and replay each arena to beat your high scores, and challenge yourself by changing the difficulty settings and adding combat modifiers to unlock new rewards.
  • Tailor Each Fight – Each arena can be approached in countless ways. Adapt your strategy and use all the tools at your disposal to emerge victorious. Success will only depend on your combination of remnants, spells and weapons.
  • Investigate Gigantic Ancient Systems – The old time-locks are gone. The Raxes are now free to create chaos again. Explore the abandoned cities of the old continent previously locked in time and uncover the truth behind the resurgence of the Raxes.

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  • June 8, 2023

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